Our Services

At DCMT our focus is on the areas we knew would provide the largest and most immediate value to our customers. We didn’t set up a business to take your money, we set up a business to make you money and we set it up to make you money in both an immediate and measurable way. So how do we do it? It’s simple.

Merchant Processing

Merchant processing fees are the easiest way you can save money with your online business. Most people don’t realize how much money Stripe, PayPal, Shopify Payments or whichever random ISO you signed up with actually make off you.


This is a simple case of companies charging what they do because people are willing to pay it. The reality is it’s easy to fix. At DCMT we work with merchants of all sizes collectively processing hundreds of millions of dollars a month in sales. What’s that mean for you? It means you can leverage our overall volume to get processing rates you couldn’t get on your own. We can do a quick assessment of your current processing needs at no cost and help you get approved at significant savings. We’re not talking about a couple dollars a month in savings either, some of our bigger partners have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars having their processing rates reduced.


The secondary benefit of moving away from the PayPal’s and Stripe’s of the world is moving away from the unnecessary restrictions. Expand what you can sell, and where you can sell it easily.

Increasing Your Average Order Value

The largest expense for most ecommerce businesses is not the product itself; it’s the cost of acquiring new customers. Once you actually have someone in the door, the difference between success and failure is your ability to monetize them.  Now sit back for a minute and imagine a scenario where someone presented you with an opportunity to increase your average order value. Going back to the typical agency approach, they’d charge a massive fee upfront and promise you the world. You’d cross your fingers, hope it worked out and at the end of the day all the risk is on you, not the people who are promising to perform.


Those who can deliver real results don’t need to charge you an upfront fee, they know what they’re offering and they know it works. They win by getting you in the door at no cost to you and when the results are significantly more impressive than you imagined, you’ll never want to leave. (Most merchants seeing an AOV increase of 30%+)


Fulfilment companies are a dime a dozen. Like with everything else in life, they range in quality from terrible to great. With a bit of research though it’s not too tough to find one of the great ones. So why add a service to our ecommerce suite that’s so widely available? We found the diamond in the rough. A company that falls in the “great” category but offers so much more.


It’s going to sound crazy but how about a fulfilment company that can help you save on taxes. A fulfilment company that has 3-day average delivery to multiple markets at the lowest rates you can find anywhere. A fulfilment company that has products on demand who can label them for you as you sell them. Pay less, get more. It’s simple.

On Demand Inventory/Drop Shipping

The concepts of on demand inventory and drop shipping are both fantastic. The idea of holding no inventory, only paying for a product when you sell it and having someone else hold and ship it for you, what could be better….


The unfortunate actual application of these “fantastic” services is mostly:


  • Products being shipped from China to customers taking 30 to 45 days to arrive if they show up at all
  • Lack of proper parcel tracking which inhibits your ability to actually fight the chargebacks you inevitably get
  • Customers getting junk that looked nothing like the picture on the website they bought it from
  • Non compliant labels putting you offside with government regulations


I could write the negatives of this space all day but you get the point. In summary you’re dealing with a customer service nightmare that has ruined the reputation and blown up the merchant processing accounts of some of the largest ecommerce merchants out there.


Now imagine you could drop ship on demand with your own brand name or use existing established brand names. Delivery to both Canada and the US in 3-day average delivery time with full tracking. FDA & Health Canada approved products and labels. You can add products to your store for no cost, only pay when you’ve sold them for profit and avoid all the traditional pitfalls of the current typical drop-shipping model.

Customer Retention

Whether you have one customer or a million customers, your success hinges on your ability to keep them. With years of expertise in remarketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, telemarketing we have all sorts of ways we can help you keep your customers buying. Like everything we do, it’s all performance based. We have a look at what you’re doing now, we give you a clear plan on how to improve it and we charge you a fraction of the incremental revenue you’ve made after it works.