Payment processing is far more complex than it would appear at the outset. Many sign up with out-of-the-box services like Stripe and Square, getting overcharged with unreasonable fees, or go with alternate processing providers, entering a maze of confusing terms and questionable charges. DCMT makes payment processing easy. We work with you to get processing that is easy to understand, simple to use and, simply put, cheaper.

At DCMT, we analyze and streamline your processing solutions to help you maximize the money you make from each and every transaction. Most of our clients save a significant percentage on the costs they’re already incurring on a daily basis.


Take the following examples of real problems our clients have faced:

  1. You are a Canadian e-commerce merchant who sells products in Canada and America. Typically, for any international payments there is a 1% cross-border fee. This makes processing cards, in one of the largest markets in the world, very expensive. With the right processing solution, DCMT can help eliminate most of these fees, streamlining your business and padding your bottom line.
  2. A new merchant just opened a store and signed up to Stripe. They’re paying 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction and wonder, “Is there anything better out there”? DCMT can dramatically reduce the fees that merchant would pay. At the end of the day, out of the box solutions are a one size fits all Band-Aid. DCMT can bring the processing solutions that will be the best fit for your business.
  3. A merchant has a processing solution in place but can’t understand why the money settled into their bank account is less than expected. A quick overview of their processing statements reveals hidden fees that were not clearly defined when they signed up with their processor. Gateway fees, customer vault fees, statement fees - all of these fees and more add up to a big number at the end of the month. Is the merchant paying what they should, or are they being gouged? DCMT can help you spot places where processors are padding their bottom line and help save you money on every transaction.


Processing is one of the best places to dramatically increase your margins. Earning more revenue from your existing customers is always the easiest path to healthier profits. Let us handle your processing needs so you can focus on what makes your business grow. Get in touch today for a free and no obligation evaluation and pricing quote on your existing business.


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