About Us


If you needed to take your car in to get repaired, would you take it to a mechanic who has never successfully repaired a car? Of course not! The same thing should hold true for your online business but unfortunately, in this space, it’s all too common. Like the college marketing professor who has never been a successful marketer, there are endless agencies and service providers who have never been successful merchants themselves.They’re telling you what you need to do and they’re entirely unqualified to do it. Most of them would probably love to be in your shoes instead if they had any clue how to.


DCMT could not be further outside that mold. The only problems we help merchants with are problems we’ve solved. The only products we recommend are products we’ve used and when you’re speaking to anyone on the DCMT team you know they’ve been where you are and have dealt with the struggles you’re dealing with first hand. We’ve sold hundreds of millions of dollars of products online, built industry-leading technology companies and have now focused our efforts on delivering products and services that are designed to specifically address the day to day problems and opportunities facing e-commerce merchants in today’s marketplace.